Completely compleat: a visit to DreamHaven Books

I’ve been traveling and made a visit to to DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis, one of my favorite comic shops. Greg Ketter, the store’s owner, was one of the key sources for my book. His store has had several names and addresses, and even was closed for a while, but is very much alive today.compleat

I could spend days in a store like DreamHaven, with stacks upon stacks of great and sometimes random stuff.

I took many photos, including one of an ad from the early 1980s when the store was called the Compleat Enchanter.

Underneath the flier, you can see part of the cover for one of my purchases from that day, an old issue of the Jonny Quest series from Comico, which a cover and interior by Doug Wildey. Doug Wildey!

DreamHaven’s current address is 2301 E. 38th St., Minneapolis. And Greg is there behind the counter most days.

Greg Ketter.JPG
Greg Ketter

I have an abundance of nostalgia for the DreamHaven location that used to be in the Dinkytown neighborhood. When I was in college in the late-1990s, I would go there to stock up on all the things that weren’t available at my main shop. That is where I bought my first issues of Palookaville, Eightball and Acme Novelty Gallery.

DreamHaven was, and remains, a shop that has reason to be pretentious but is utterly unpretentious.

A few more images from my visit:

Great Red Dragon
The Great Red Dragon from Bone.
Great Gifts
Everything about this picture is great.
In my travels, I have learned that this Tintin book display is a sign of a store that has a well-stocked children’s section, and impeccable taste.