How I spent my spring, summer and fall

This has been quite a year. At the end of March, I left The Columbus Dispatch and started working for InsideClimate News, first as a freelancer and now as a staff writer covering clean energy and the Midwest. (The photo above is me going to the office for my last day at the newspaper, showing off my infamous “picture face.”)

This alone would be a trying transition, but it happened to coincide with lots of other challenges. The upshot was that I spent much of this year tired and nearly overwhelmed by it all.

A few days ago I looked at this website for the first time in a while and saw that I am still getting fairly steady traffic, despite not posting since late September.

So, thanks for reading. Here are a few things from my travels this year that I never got around to to posting:

This is the audience for my June reading at DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis. I adore that store and the audience was great, including many family and friends.
Class photo.JPG
Comics writer James Moore had the great idea to take a class photo of Columbus’ comics community. I took this shot moments before joining the group for the real photo. This was at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo in April.
I found this sign, outside the authors’ green room at the Ohioana Book Festival, funny.
snake alley.JPG
I took a trip to Iowa in October and stopped to walk down Snake Alley in Burlington, which a sign proclaims as the world’s most crooked street. My parents lived in Burlington before I was born, so I knew of Snake Alley even though I can only recall being in the city two or three times.